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Electric wing tip propulsion

The University of Stuttgart has achieved a significant milestone in aviation technology with the successful maiden flight of its unmanned test platform, the "e-Genius-Mod," powered solely by an Electric Wing Tip Propulsion System. This ground-breaking achievement marks a significant step forward in the development of electric propulsion for aviation. To support this innovative project, the aircraft was equipped with the state-of-the-art Vectoflow VectoDAQ Air Data System. This system plays a crucial role in gathering and analysing critical flight data, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the aircraft. This collaboration between the University of Stuttgart and Vectoflow highlights a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of aviation technology and exploring new frontiers in electric propulsion systems. This achievement paves the way for future advancements in sustainable aviation and demonstrates the potential for electric propulsion to revolutionize the aerospace industry.

Small sample, big effect

"Small sample, big effect" encapsulates the essence of our exciting case study in partnership with 3D MicroPrint. Together, we delve into the realm of Micro Laser Sintering technology, demonstrating its power to enable tailor-made flow measurement solutions. Join us as we explore how this cutting-edge technique revolutionizes the possibilities in flow measurement technology.

Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace

If Aerospace is your bag, you will be intrigued to learn more about our case study with EOS on additive manufacturing of probes for measuring flow speed and temperature in turbine engines.

ProCap System – a must-have tool for aerodynamicists?

Is the ProCap System a must-have tool for aerodynamicists? We think so, because it seamlessly blends the ease of a handheld smoke probe with the comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data offered by a point scanning system.
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